Welcome to the Becoming Artist Movement

Yup, a movement – one where highly-sensitive, brilliant, bad-ass and really-hard-on-themselves artists from around the globe
are rising up to Claim their Calling.

If you’re wildly creative and highly sensitive… 

If you know you’re here to bring healing and creativity to the world…

If you’re someone who has shit to say but are scared as hell to say it… 

If you’re in love with the greats - the Frida Kahlos, Marina Abramovics, Kiki Smiths, Cy Twomblys, Louise Bourgeois’,
Danielle Laportes, Amanda Palmers and Elizabeth Gilberts of the world, and consistently plagued with a barrage of Inner Shit Talk
and a thousand ideas about what to do next that don’t seem to take shape… 

You’re in the right place.

In fact, you’ve come home. 

Becoming Artist is a Revolutionary
New Way of Being an Artist in the World

It’s a place where artists Make Art, Claim their Calling, ditch the Starving Artist B.S.

I realized a long time ago that the very things we reject are the same things that make our art the most authentic. I started this movement
because it hurts too much to see your brilliance unrealized.

I grew tired of artists not having the tools and resources they need to thrive and bring healing to the world.

I’ve never been one to play small, and my guess is that neither are you.

Where to Start

I’ve put together a plethora of free articles on the blog. That’s a great place to start.
We cover the good stuff – you Making Your Most Authentic Art - consistently, dealing with that gnarly Inner Critic, Selling Your Art, Exhibiting It
and Stepping into your Uncharted Creative Calling. 

I've also created a Quiz to help you figure out Which Next Step Your Artist-Self Needs to Take. 
You'll love it. Promise. 

While you’re at it, join our private Facebook Group. 
The support and sense of community there will blow your mind.

Oh, and if you’re here because you need support with the nuts and bolts of how to show up professionally;
things like How to Write About Your Art, Put Together a Press Release, Create a Killer Artist Website or Sell Your Art in a totally
non-sucky, non-slimey way, make a beeline for the Academy

I’ve got you covered. 

A Field Guide to Your Uncharted Creative Calling

I’m also a gal who loves a good map. Read on to discover the 5 Steps to Becoming the Artist You’re Here to Be.



Becoming the artist you're here to be requires that at some point you own it. Fully. And give in to all those intuitive, knowing nudges that have been telling you all along that until you do, the rest of your life won't entirely make sense. All manner of magical things happen when we Capital D declare, with absolute certainty, that we are DONE! putting our art anyplace but at the center.  

Where to begin: How To Know If You're Really An Artist: 3 Questions You Need to Ask




Until you’re making your art on a consistent basis it’s nearly impossible for anything else to happen. Having exhibitions, selling your art and monetizing your mission all depend on this one essential truth: that you show up and make your art when you want and how you want. Time to get intimate with that Inner Critic of yours. Time to turn your biggest critic into your greatest ally. 

Where to begin: Learn To Love Your Inner Critic: The Key To Making Your Most Authentic Art     





Showing your art – the holy grail of being an artist, is an exhilarating and terrifying prospect. Once you've found the flow and are making your most authentic art it's time to create an exhibition that you love - but not just any exhibition. Around here we take a firm stand against awkward schmoozing, unnecessary prostrating and doing anything you don't want to do. Creating an exhibition you love can be as creative as making your art.  

Where to begin: 7 Inspired Steps: Exhibit Your Art in the Perfect Places






Now that you’re in the flow, making your art and had an exhibition you loved, it’s time to start Monetizing your Mission and Valuing your Worth. Time to Kick that Starving Artist Mentality to the Curb! Until you believe, in your bones, that you deserve to make a living doing what you love, chances are you won’t. 

Where to begin: How to Make Money as an Artist – Starting Right Now





Now that you're consistently creating, feeling confident about your art and valuing your worth, it’s time to share your gifts with others. Step 5 holds the key to living Your Uncharted Creative Calling. This is the moment when all of your gifts, your particular creative genius and your passion for community come together to create coaching programs, workshops, retreats and all manner of community-guided magic. 

Where to begin: How To Be A Successful, Full-Time Artist On Your Own Terms