Raised by a tribe of farmers and factory workers, I grew up surrounded by open fields and silence. I could never shake the feeling that there were things that needed to be said, stories to be told, truths to be uncovered. 

I make maps of how it feels to be a highly-sensitive, non-linear being in a woman's body who is eternally called to create. Inspired by automatic writing and mark-making, drawing and painting is how I touch the forgotten, misplaced, covered over and untold. Moving my hand across the canvas I crack open veiled landscapes, closed doors and untold aspects of Self. 

The unspoken, and the sense that therein lies the truth of one's experience, drives me. 

Fragments of text appear on the canvas like notes written to ourselves; written with the hopes that I will later recall what seemed so important. Splashes of paint morph into landscapes, forms and figures are temporarily suspended on their way to becoming something else. Memory, desire, pain and passing thoughts all intersect.

My work is both archaeological and constructive. It excavates the past and simultaneously constructs new, emerging narratives. These images, like us, are caught in a constant state of becoming. 

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