for Emerging Artists-as-Leaders

    You're reading this because you've already come this far...

You've committed to your Calling. You've stepped onto an International Stage.

You are making the art you were born to make.

But you know (we all know) that there is so much more...

The Laws of the Universe state that we are all here to continue creating, growing and becoming...  

Life wants more of you.

The world needs more of the miraculous gifts you bring.

More art. More courage. More creativity. And much more healing...



  • Step into even more leadership. 
  • Collaborate and be in community. 
  • Be held accountable, be seen and be celebrated by people who know you and your work.
  • Lean on the hive mind. 
  • Stay on track with the commitments you made in Prague. 
  • Fall back on powerful, daily practices that will get you to your goals.  
  • Go further and farther together than you could alone. 
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Ambassador of Becoming_Mastermind_web graphic 01.jpg


  • Name the next, concrete, tangible Dream and Desire. 
  • Map it out using the OOD process. 
  • Identify Monthly Money Goals and take daily, Inspired Action to achieve them. 
  • Show up in our private Facebook Group with regular proof of progress and evidence of all the ways the Universe is supporting you. 
  • Be cheered on. 
  • Be called into more of your greatness. 
  • Have a safe place where you can always go and people who have your back.  
  • Be invited to participate, lead and guide this spring in Prague. 
  • Learn the next set of tools that will support you along the way.


    STEP 1.  
    Identify the desire.
    Name it. Do the OOD. Set a clear end date with a clear outcome. Commit to it fully. 

    STEP 2.    
    Take Daily, Inspired Action.
    Commit to taking one Inspired Action Step each day. The momentum and magic this generates is unparalleled.

    STEP 3.  
    Track the Magic. Watch it Grow.   
    Show up consistently in our private Facebook group with a short video, audio or evidence list of all the ways
    (synchronicities, support, magical signs) that the Universe is conspiring in your favour.  

    STEP 4.    
    Receive Support And Guidance.

    Be on our weekly 60 min Group Coaching Calls.
    Yes, weekly, your dreams deserve this level of commitment. Each month you will
    you will have 3 calls with Jessica and 1 with an Ambassador of Becoming. 

    STEP 5.    
    Be Shored Up and Step into Your Greatness.
    Get regular ass-kickings from an Ambassador of Becoming as they help to facilitate
    the flow and keeps everyone on track in our private Facebook group.  

    STEP 6. 
    Make Money Matter.
    Create and achieve monthly money goals.
    Start tracking your finances and successes and watch them grow. 
    Take Inspired Action towards them daily.

    STEP 7.  
    Have the Resources You Need.  
    Get complete access to all Jessica Serran Academy Products:
    Manifesting Money Guide, Finding Your Collectors, Selling Art the Sacred Way,
    Putting Together the Perfect Press Release and more! 




    OPTION 1

    When you commit to doing
    2 Videos/month for our FB groups and up-and-coming artists

    ***save $350 (one month of Membership)
    when you Pay in Full

    OPTION 2
    - $500/Month -


    ***save $500 (one month of Membership)
    when you Pay in Full


    Register by July 30th
    Your Mastermind begins Monday, August 6, 2018


    By saying yes to this program you are committed to: 

    Showing up fully for this program, your commitments and your fellow artists.

    Becoming more of the artist and leader you were born to be. 

    Honouring this as a 6-Month commitment and the Terms and Conditions.

    Hear what our current MasterMinders have to say

    Sheila Metcalf Tobin_black and white_KAIS_cropped.jpg
    Chantelle Goldthwaite_black and white_KAIS_cropped.jpg
    My work and studio are at the center of my life. I am clear and committed to my core values: creativity, compassion, contribution, community and connection. I have developed multiple venues for sharing and showing my work. I am an individual grant recipient and an international artist. My work is currently included in a group show of women’s work at the Museum of Northern California entitled Persistence, and I recently completed my first grant-funded public art project titled Residing Here.
    — Sheila Metcalf Tobin, Berkeley, CA
    It’s so amazing to look back and see where I was 5 years ago when I began this journey. The changes and shifts have been mind blowing. The whole track of my career and my mindset has shifted. I am showing consistently 6-8 times a year, I am in my studio 3-6 days a week. I have founded and now co-direct an international artist collaborative as well as being part of a local art collective that I help to manage. The experience that has been the Becoming Artist Program has been one of the most transformational of my life.
    — Chantelle Goldthwaite, Grass Valley, CA