A Special Training Program for Highly-Sensitive and Deep Feeling Artists

You can’t NOT make your art.

It just doesn’t work - not for you and not for anyone. Am I right?

You feel the pull and you see how desperately we all need more healing, creativity and love in the world.
The world around is changing. Social structures are crumbling. The feminine, revolutions, social justice, and voices long-kept silent are on the rise.

The world can’t keep operating the way that it is, and if you’re not making your art, neither can you. 

We need you - the authentic, inspired, creative beings of the world to engage, to stand up, to step out and to speak the truth. 

We need you to use your creative forces to the fullest. 

You hold the power to create art, and community and social change and deep healing - 
all things that the world desperately needs. 

You also hold the power to create a life and art career that you completely love.


You matter so dearly, and…

…I know that you’ve been trying. And I know how hard you try.

I know you’re not happy with not making your art and not sharing it. I know that you’ve read books, and taken classes. I know you’re adept in your medium.

I also know that there are a plethora of reasons why an artist gets stuck along the way - perfectly good reasons, actually. But those things can’t stop you… 

It's time to Make Your Art Matter in an unprecedented way.

Make Your Art Matter is a year-long online training program
for artists who are ready to make their art matter, find their authentic voice and share it with the world.

It’s for artists who have a heart for change, the need to heal and
an understanding of just how powerful their creativity is. 

When an artist decides that they are ready to create anything they desire - art, exhibitions, fabulous projects in community, and the money they need to support their visions, their visions start to become a reality.

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Nobody is served by you playing small and staying stuck.

Whether you are a self-taught artist or graduated with an MFA; whether you are transitioning from careers in care-giving, the corporate world or full-time motherhood, your voice, your purpose and your piece of the puzzle matter. Deeply.

The world needs you to make your art matter and so do you. 

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Do you want the truth?  

The truth is that it’s entirely possible to create a life you love so much it hurts. 

The truth is that it’s possible to embrace your sensitivity and see it as a gift. 

The truth is that it’s possible to turn all of the things that have pained you into your superpowers. 

The truth is that it’s possible to know that your perceived weaknesses are actually your greatest strengths.  

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Make Your Art Matter is a revolutionary 12-month training program -
one that artists wish they had in art school.

Over the course of 12 months you will receive weekly lessons, step-by-step guides, skillful mentoring
and support from an international community of creatives.  This special training program will help you to create a sustainable and thriving art practice, develop a body of work you are proud of, move directly towards your goals and learn how to heal
and unblock everything that tries to stop you.


A safe space for you to be seen and shine.

A supportive community of international artists.

A rigorous inner and outer training program.

A feminine, nurturing approach that fosters creativity, empowerment, community and connection. 

The gentle and loving kick-in-the-pants you need to take your art and your life to the next level.


What Artist, Leader and Coach Jessica Has to Say

I know a thing or two about feeling wrong, not enough and lost.

I felt that way most of my life. My sense of worth was in the shitter.

I struggled to make art, money was always scarce and I had to fight heartily to believe that it was possible to be an artist and live a life I love. 


I remember being in art school and thinking to myself, “I must not be an artist. This is way too painful.” I remember graduating from art school and thinking, “What the hell am I going to do now? Do I have anything of value to offer?"

For years I was in feast or famine mode - making art and having some success then falling fallow and thinking that I should quit and do something else. Maybe I’d be happier if I wasn’t making art?

Except that I wasn’t.

I used to lay awake at night wondering if there was a way to make art and make money — a way to have a big impact in the world but also to live well. I wanted the exquisite live-work space that I always envisioned. I wanted organic food and clothes that felt like me. I wanted invitations to beautiful places to show my work. And I wanted to travel.


The problem was that I didn’t see examples of the kind of artist that I wanted to be. I was dazzled by the Abstract Expressionists, in love with Social Practice, enamoured by spirituality and personal development, but couldn’t find a place where all three converged.  

So I decided to create it.

I took all of the things that I longed for, and all of the things that weren’t working in my life, and used them to create art, a career I love, projects, programs, a Non-Profit organization and International Exhibitions. All of this so that I could empower myself while helping other artists gain the skills and confidence they need to make a genuine, and lasting, impact in the world.

Imagine Yourself One Year From Now: 

- Making art consistently.

- Standing proudly in an exhibition full of your work.

- Being celebrated and seen by people who love you.

- Feeling confident about what you’ve created.

- Knowing you have the power to create anything you desire. 



Chantelle Goldthwaite_black and white_KAIS_cropped.jpg
Before starting the Becoming Artist Journey I was spinning my wheels. I used to tell myself that I wasn’t a real artist because I didn’t have a degree in art. Since starting the program I have complete belief that this is my purpose and have exhibited my work internationally in Prague.
— Chantelle Goldthwaite, Mixed Media Artist, USA
Maz Hawes_black and white_KAIS_cropped.jpg
Before starting the Becoming Artist Journey my art practice was at best, unfocused, at worst, nonexistent. Now, I call myself an artist and regularly show and sell my art. I have a website, a growing body of work, a growing number of followers and just booked my first solo show.
— Maryanne Hawes, Mixed Media Artist, UK
Deborah Taylor_black and white_KAIS_cropped.jpg
Before starting the Becoming Artist Journey I believed that I would be seen as too old and that I wouldn’t be taken seriously. Now, I feel content within myself. I recently completed a year long residency with St. Vincent’s Hospital (Melbourne, Australia) and received a Collie Trust Scholarship for Emerging Victorian Printmakers.
— Deborah Taylor, Painter and Printmaker, AU

Make Your Art Matter 
is Level 1 of the Becoming Artist Journey.

It brings together 3 Foundational Level Courses so you can
create a body of work and an exhibition you'll love. 







Over the course of one year you will move through 5 specific steps.


Until you’re making your art on a consistent basis it’s impossible for anything else to happen. Having exhibitions, selling your art and making money as an artist all depend on this one essential truth: that you show up and make your art, consistently. During the first 12 weeks of this program you will be shored up and supported by a group of international artists as you learn how to Keep Your Ass in the Studio + Consistently Make the Work You’re Here to Make. Through step-by-step guides and transformative internal processes, you will come to honour and integrate every creative impulse as you start to make the work that only you can make. This is about pushing your edges, showing up fully and speaking your truth. As one of Jessica’s beloved professors used to say, “We have to set up the banks of the river so the water can flow through.” 

Learn how to:
- Break your big vision down into achievable goals. 
- Set great boundaries
- Show up for yourself daily. 
- Get intimate with your images. 
- Make the art that only you can make. 


Creating consistently is the key to achieving your goals, but let's be honest - none of us are immune to the pitfalls, self-doubt and resistance that comes along the way. Procrastination and fear? Totally normal. An Inner Critic that spews shit talk? Expected! What isn’t normal is not knowing what to do when the road blocks hit. The key is to love and transform everything that tries to stop you - procrastination, the Inner Critic, self-sabotage and limiting beliefs into creative gold. During this part of the program you will turn the gnarliest internal voices into your biggest allies. Guided by weekly videos, powerful reconciliation processes, journal prompts and metaphorical hand-holding, you’ll come into a healthy, loving relationship with everything that tries to stop you. 

Learn how to: 
- Stop sabotaging yourself. 
- Love your Inner Critic.
- Understand Procrastination for what it really is. 
- Never let Resistance stop you. 
- Move smoothly through all of the Stages of your Creative Process so you never get stuck again. 


Oprah was recently asked about the common threads she's seen throughout the numerous interviews she's done. Her response: Every human being has the same, deep desire to be seen. Being seen and supported is powerful. It helps us to move forward. It’s a magical elixir that let’s us know we’re okay. And normal. And part of something much bigger. It gives us the courage we need to shine. Sadly, so many artists have received the kind of criticism and feedback that sets them back and stops the flow. During this year-long program you will share your work safely, and receive the kind of support, community and camaraderie that you need. It’s time to normalize the creative process, see perceived weaknesses as strengths and be surrounded by a tribe of artists who get you, have your back, cheer wildly and provide the kind of feedback that you actually need. 

Learn how to: 
- Ask for what you need. 
- Be surrounded by safety. 
- Be seen and celebrated. 
- Receive feedback that supports you. 
- Be held by a community who loves you. 


Until you believe, in your bones, that you deserve a life you love, it will continue to elude you. Guided by Jessica’s powerful video series: Kick that Starving Artist Mentality to the Curb and activated through a powerful 5-Day Money Making Challenge for Artists you will discover just how possible it is to set a goal and achieve it, as you let go of the limiting beliefs that have been stopping you. Making money, like making art, is an act of creation. You will discover the key to taking inspired action and putting your art out there, while working through the limiting beliefs that keep you from believing that more is possible. It’s time to radically change your relationship to money and learn the practical skills needed to price your art right and sell art the sacred way. 

Learn how to: 
- Value your worth. 
- Set a money goal and achieve it.
- Let go of the beliefs that are stopping you. 
- Price your art right every time. 
- Sell your art without selling out. 

Showing your art – the holy grail of being an artist, is an exhilarating and terrifying prospect. We’ve become conditioned to ask for permission from the gatekeepers who typically grant it. The truth is that the key to having exhibitions you love is to create them. During the second half of the program you will reclaim your power and create an exhibition you love using the Exhibit Your Art in the Most Miraculous Ways E-Course. It’s time to get your work in front of the very people who are longing to see it. It’s time to discover your Divine Right Audience and the conditions that most support you. It’s time to show up with your art and shine, and to know exactly what to say when an interested collector says, “So, tell me about your art!”  

Learn how to: 
- Identify Your Divine Right Audience, Your Ideal Collector and why your work is meant for them. 
- Curate and Photograph a body of work.
- Write an Artist Statement you’ll love.
- Prepare a Press Release.
- Fill your exhibition with all the right people. 






+ over $700 in Bonuses when you register in the next 48 hours

Bonus #1

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This Bonus gets you on two
Group Coaching Calls every month with Jessica as she coaches you and other members of our International Community of Artists. You will hear their stories and roadblocks, share your own, feel deeply seen and get the support you need to keep going.
- $600 value -

Bonus #2


Bust through the thing that
is actually holding you back and putting a kink in your creative flow. During this 30 minute Private Coaching Session you’ll hop on a private coaching call with Jessica. You’ll receive crystal clarity on what is stopping you and what you need to do to keep the momentum going.  

Class begins as soon as you register.
You don’t need to wait a minute longer.

What Alumni Artists Have To Say

The truth? 

You were put here to do big and beautiful things.
The only thing standing between you and it is your willingness to say “YES!” Everything else will follow…. 

This entire program is designed to show you that you have
the power to create whatever you desire – art, money and an amazing career.

You’ll be given the tools and the support you need to know just how powerful of a creator you are, and always have been. 

Join us.
You and your art deserve it.


The program begins as soon as you register.

There is no limit to enrollment, but we will keep our Facebook groups relatively small and intimate.  

Each week you will receive a notification via email that your next lesson is available. All course content is housed in an online platform called Ruzuku. We don’t meet in the flesh, though of course you are welcome and encouraged to organize that with members of the group who are in your neck of the woods. All discussions, lectures and Group Coaching Calls happen online. 

This program is for visual artists – painters, illustrators, photographers, mixed media artists, animators, textile artists, designers, sculptors, installation artists, craftspeople and those working in social practice, but of course it’s not limited to that. If you are a Musician or Songwriter, we offer Keep Your Ass in the Studio for Musicians and Songwriters. 

No. This year-long program is designed to support the healthy development of you as an exhibiting artist. Each stage of the journey is an essential one. Jessica has developed this program after teaching various iterations of it for the past five years and has discovered what works best. We do however offer several home study versions of our course content over in The Academy. 

We ask that you have familiarity and technical experience with your medium of choice. We don’t teach you how to paint, or sculpt or make art, but how to create authentic bodies of work and a career you'll love. If you’ve got the technical chops under your belt you are welcome to join us. 

It doesn’t matter. Kitchens, corners of living rooms, boyfriend’s parents’ basements (yes, some of us have had one of those), coffee shops, sketchbooks, as long as you have the desire to consistently create you’re all set! Having an actual studio is great, but it’s not a requirement.

Absolutely. There are transmissions and things to be said about that along the way. This program is designed to help you determine and craft the most healthy, loving, supportive pace and processes that will work best for you.

Oh no no no. ABSOLUTELY NOT. There will be opportunities for feedback, but we are very clear about how we do that and that we do it in a safe, supportive and healthy way. Plus, we only attract the most kindhearted and supportive souls. 

You’re fine. That is not a prerequisite to being an artist or to being in this group. Please know that we won’t be teaching specific art-making techniques and do expect you to be proficient in your medium(s) of choice. We’ll focus more on process and the heart of the artist than on formal techniques. 

An Ambassador of Becoming is an artist who has walked the Becoming Artist path before you, worked privately with Jessica, and exhibited their art as part of one of our Becoming Artist International Exhibitions in Prague. Our Ambassadors of Becoming are representatives of the Becoming Artist Movement, our methods and culture and are here to assist, guide and mentor you along the way. 

We're confident that any artist who integrates this content and engages fully will experience profound shifts in their creative output and disposition towards being an artist. If you have completed all the course content, have engaged in the Facebook group fully and are still not happy at the end of the year, you and I will schedule a conversation to discuss a refund. Please check out the Terms & Conditions page if you have more questions. 


Jessica Serran is a Visual Artist and Leader of the Becoming Artist Movement. As a Visual Artist, she makes images that connect others to the truth of their own experiences.

When not making her own art she helps other artists who struggle with discovering their calling to become leaders of an international creative movement through the power of community.