A Becoming Artist Level 3 Program


   You are Beacons and Ambassadors of Becoming -
Artists on the Leading Edge of What is Possible

Artists who have been called to create in community and to collaborate.
Artists who know that creativity heals and that so much more is possible when we do things together.

You are…

Becoming. Becoming bolder. Becoming bigger…

Becoming more of who you were born to be.

Doing this is no small feat.

It requires that you know in your bones that you have the power to create what you desire -
that your visions are valid, and that you can work through all that arises along the way.


It’s big stuff. And it’s possible. I know it well.

Some people nearly sh!t their pants when I decided to Crowdfund over $13,000 to finish the Field Guide to the Czech Psyche project.

Funding the exhibition in Prague was a $25,000 affair. If you would have asked me, just a few years ago, how
I would make something like that happen, I wouldn’t have believed that I could.

In both cases I committed to the vision and I showed up for myself daily.
And I didn’t stop until the project was perfectly published, the exhibition was a reality, and all of you were here together in Prague.  

Doing this requires conviction and radical courage.

It also requires that you know how to ask for what you need -
be that a grant, a crowdfunding campaign, a collaborator or something from each other.

I know how challenging it can be to go it alone or not know where to begin. The vast sea of grants
and crowdfunding can feel entirely overwhelming, which is why I’ve taken what I’ve learned and mapped out the territory.

BA3.5_Guided Group CoCreation_Boldness & Bravery 01.png

Welcome to The Next Level of Your Becoming..

A Guided Group Co-Creation:
A collaborative group project that will bring you together as co-creators, fund your project fiercely
and dazzle the world with how much more is possible.  



  1. DECIDE on your group project.

  2. MAP it out and set yourself up for success.

  3. COLLABORATE with your co-creators.

  4. CREATE a budget and find your funders.

  5. WRITE descriptions, invitations, and sexy copy so that others can support you.

  6. WATCH your project come together with clarity, conviction and inspired action.

  7. STEP onto a bigger stage as a leading edge Ambassador.

  8. CO-CREATE this content with Jessica to support all future leaders to come!

The Steps Needed to Get You There


Develop the concept.
Determine your roles. Vision daily.
Collaborate and create.


Describe the project.
Create the Budget. Fund it fiercely.
Follow your conviction.

Apply for press. Promote the project.
Present it and Flaunt it on our BA Social Media Sites.


The Investment



Your Bonuses


That big, brilliant project of yours needs funding, as does the exhibition you’re creating, and that year of art making you’re heading into. Get the Grant and Get Paid to Make Art is your Guide to grant writing for artists. This Step-by-Step Guide walks you through How to Find a Grant, Write About Your Art, Create a Budget,
Woo Your Funders, Put Together your Portfolio
and get paid to make art.

$147 Value


You’ve got a brilliant, creative idea that you’re hell-bent on doing.
All you need now is the money. How to Crowdfund your Art and Unleash the Power of Community is crowdfunding made easy, intuitive and fun. Using this Step-by-Step Guide, you’ll Write a Compelling Project Description, Create Generous Rewards, Show up on Social Media like a boss, Get Paid to Make Art and
Leverage the Power of Community.

$147 Value


Register by Thursday, February 21st midnight PST
Your Guided Group Co-Creation begins Monday, March 4th


The truth?

You are here to do big things.

I wish something like this existed when I was trying to figure it all out.

I’ve taken all that I’ve learned over the past 10 years (having received 8 grants and run a successful $13,000 Crowdfunding campaign)
and shortened the timeline so that you can get where you want to go with more ease, and more grace.

Your dreams and desires require resources. Time to whisk some of them your way.

BA3.5_Guided Group CoCreation_Group Photo 02.png


By saying yes to this program you are committed to:

  • Showing up fully for this program, your commitments and your fellow artists.

  • Becoming more of the artist and leader you were born to be.

  • Honouring this as a 6-Month commitment and the Terms and Conditions.