April 4 - 24th 2018 // PLZEN, CZ
Studijní a vědecká knihovna Plzeňského kraje

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Most artists want successful careers.

They want recognition and exhibitions.

They want their work to inspire people and find its way into the right homes.

The problem is that no one ever taught them how to do it and the thought of anything related to business
(or marketing, or selling) makes their skin crawl. The good news is that there is an inspired way to do it -
one that can be as creative as making art.

Beginning April 4th
artists will learn how to create an art career they love,
exhibit their art, find collectors, and sell their art without selling out


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In collaboration with the

Education and Research Library of the Plzen Region
Smetanovy sady 2, 301 00 Plzeň

Wednesday, April 4th
WEEK 1 : Create an Art Career You’ll Love

Wednesday, April 10th
WEEK 2 : Exhibit your Art in the Most Miraculous Ways

Wednesday, April 17th
WEEK 3 : Find your Collectors and Fund Your Art

Wednesday, April 24th
WEEK 4 : Sell Your Art Without Ever Selling Out


Becoming Artist_Headshot 01_Jessica Serran.jpg

Jessica Serran is an International Artist
and the Leader of the Becoming Artist Movement.

She uses drawing and painting to touch the forgotten and hidden parts of Self. When not making her own art she helps other Visual Artists who struggle with discovering their calling to become Leaders
of an International Creative Movement through the Power of Community. 

Her ability to see the genius in others and give them permission to step into it, combined with a seamless blend of intuition and logic are the force that is ushering more authentic, full-bodied creativity into the world. Lit up by marketing as much as art making, her coaching programs are changing the limiting beliefs and starving artist paradigms that hold so many artists back.