Imagine being able to write an Artist Statement, effortlessly, and price your art right every time.

Imagine no longer losing days of your life to tasks that Keep Your Ass Out of the Studio, but inspire you to Get Your Ass Back in there! 

The Academy Shop features Step-by-Step Guides, Tutorials and E-Courses to help artists show their art, market and sell it -
effortlessly and intuitively. Courses cover: How to Write About Your Art, Sell Your Art Without Selling Art, Find your Collectors, Fund Your Art, Overcome the Starving Artist Syndrome, Get Your Work Into Galleries, and Create an Online Presence You’ll Love. 


I wasn’t working or producing any new art, and hadn’t for years. I felt unmotivated, overwhelmed and out of the loop. Now, I’m producing again and am full of possibility. I now have an artist’s statement, action plans, contacts and sources to investigate, grant and artist-in-residence proposals to complete and a solid foundation to build from.
— Calvin Arthur Rambler, Poet and Visual Artist, Prague, CZ
I have tried a million times before to write an Artist Bio and never seemed to come up with something usable. Your tips on how to do it really helped!
— Marta Maria Rogers, Makeup Artist, Designer, Writer, Naples, IT
I honestly wasn’t sure how doing a course virtually would be, but the group energy and the people made it work. You held space in such a loving way that allowed us all to come forward. I’ve since been included as one of six artists in Wisdom 2.0 Exhibit in San Francisco, and wrote and received correspondence back from one of my inspirations!
— Kayla Kirsch, Visual Artist, Oakland, CA
When I began the group mentorship I was building momentum but wasn’t clear on my direction. I had passion and intuition but not a clear understanding of who my work is for. Since getting clear on this missing piece I’ve watched more people identify with my work. This was exactly what I needed. I’m prepared for the giant leaps I’m beginning to take!
— Chantelle Goldthwaite, Visual Artist, Grass Valley, CA
The great news is that just one month after completing the course, I now have several venues who want to show my art!
— Sharon Landon, Visual Artist and Designer, Little Rock, Arkansas
This e-course, delivered privately to my inbox has been one of the best things I’ve ever done. You’ve helped me find out more about my own style – my style of birthing, of communicating, of being. I now walk lighter, with a skip in my step!
— Suzi Poland,Visual Artist Sydney, Australia