Ongoing Support, Accountability and Connection


Keep Your Ass in the Studio is over! Your trimester has ended! Now what???

What happens to the community of support you’ve come to love so dearly? What about all of the momentum you’ve built? Where do you go now?

You’re probably feeling that to-be-expected pang of anxiety that comes when any good thing comes to an end.

You’ve done so much work – made your art, connected to your truth and become friends with all these inspired, willing-to-go-for-it artistic souls. Not to mention all that accountability that’s been a godsend!

Ongoing Membership to the Force exists for this very reason. 

You never have to go it alone. 

Become a Member of The Force and You'll Receive...



  • A rock solid place to be seen and celebrated.
  • A safe space to become the artist you’re here to be.
  • Unlimited access to all Keep Your Ass in the Studio
  • Weekly nudges and accountability checks delivered straight to your inbox.
  • A community of artists from all over the world.
  • Ongoing access to our private Facebook group - Source + Sanctuary.
  • Weekly group coaching calls – those magical gems that they are.
  • Exclusive monthly video trainings.
  • 12 Free Videos: Kick that Starving Artist Mentality to the Curb
  • A Featured Interview in The Becoming Artist Birthing Room

What Members Are Saying About the Force

This is a phenomenal international community of artists and creatives. It’s just off the charts.
— Marta Maria Rogers, New York, NY
This program is revolutionary. I just registered for my 2nd round because I just need it. It is delicious.
— Sarah L’hrar, Montreal, Canada
Since connecting with Jessica and listening to her talks I have begun “100 works in 100 days,” received 4 commissions, and more; but most importantly, I’m “present” in my studio and the world is becoming my studio.
— Georgina Lucock, Emerald Beach, Australia

- $85/Month -
OnGoing Support + Unlimited Membership